Man in pain
Ice – not a recommended solution for pain
August 15, 2018

Handy stretches for managing sciatica

Elderly woman with back pain

In my practice, I frequently see lower back pain & sciatica. And while acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine are wonderful for addressing pain, if we continue to use our body in ways that create strain or imbalance in affected areas (desk jobs, driving, couch-time, bending over phones/tablets – sound familiar?) then we need to also incorporate movements and stretches to restore proper alignment.

These stretches are great for releasing tension in the hips and lower back. As always, go gently and slowly, using the breath. Always got to 80 % stretch ensuring no over stretching. Hold stretches for at least 1 minute, and for extra restorative benefits, you can use props, pillows etc. to support yourself and really let go into the stretch.