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What is involved in an Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine consultation at Acupuncture Richmond?

Whatever your pain complaint is Andrew White at Acupuncture Richmond is here to help you. In most cases Andrew’s clinical experience means he will have likely seen your condition before. Acupuncture will be the main approach used to relieve your pain. Andrew’s goal is to give you short term relief. However his underlying focus is treating the root cause of your pain.

This is so important to alleviating your pain in the long run.


Once you have filled out your confidential intake form Andrew will discuss with you the ins and outs of the nature of your pain condition. This usually takes about 15 minutes and may include some physical assessment such as pulse and tongue diagnosis as well as the relevant orthopaedic tests if your pain condition is muscular.

Acupuncture preparation

Andrew’s acupuncture techniques mainly use areas of the body from elbows and knees down so provided your pants are loose fitting you will not have to remove any clothing for your treatment. You get to lie down and relax on the treatment table – usually face up. One of the main advantages of your acupuncture treatment is that the affected area is not treated with acupuncture needles – so you can relax knowing that your painful area won’t be needled.




Your Treatment

With your consent for treatment Andrew will insert acupuncture needles in locations (as determined by your diagnosis) with the aim of immediately providing you with a reduction in pain. Yes fast pain relief. Once the needles are inserted Andrew will ask you how the pain feels. Subsequent needles may be inserted to further reduce your pain. Once you are happy with the pain reduction you will be left to relax and let the treatment unblock your pain for about 25 – 40 minutes.


Following you acupuncture treatment Andrew will re-assess and get your feedback. Andrew will offer you advice on how to self-manage during the course of treatment as well as suggesting helpful lifestyle changes. There is also time for you to ask any questions as well. Andrew will outline the best treatment strategy / plan for resolving your pain. In most cases 2 treatments are recommended so another treatment will be advised within a week. For more chronic conditions a treatment plan is advisable and will be discussed. Andrew wants to ensure you get the best possible pain relief results so will discuss the best approach going forward. Of course the decision rests with you.

Herbal Medicine

In some pain cases the use of herbal medicine is an important part of enabling the body to heal and address the root cause of your pain. Andrew will discuss with you.

What to Expect - image richmond-acupuncture-book-now on https://acupuncturerichmond.com.au
What to Expect - image richmond-acupuncture-book-now on https://acupuncturerichmond.com.au